Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Leslie Wilkinson Volunteer Appreciation Award to Carrie Dutchak

Good things become great things not by accident, but only because exceptional people are willing to donate their time, talent, heart, and soul to the cause, and this, is who Leslie Wilkinson was in both her personal and professional life.

A staple for many years in the Broncos front-office, Leslie gave tirelessly to those she supported. Her selflessness extended out into her community with her enthusiasm for service, contagious.

From crunching the numbers, to organizing away trips, pregame meals and offering a listening ear to a player, coach, or fan, Leslie was a devoted Bronco who never thought that “good enough was good enough when we could do better”.

She carried those same ideals with her to Futuristic Industries in 2020.

As had the Broncos, Futuristic Industries Inc. became a better organization with Leslie as part of its family. During a very difficult time in our world and without ever being asked Leslie sprang into action helping sew masks, gowns, and other much needed essentials again, to be sure everyone else was looked after. Leslie did all these things in addition to working her regular day. She did these things because at her very core she was an exceptional Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and friend to the world.

Her commitment to our organization was inspiring, but where Leslie really shone was in the way she was able to rally to the troops for a cause. Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and give so freely of herself to be sure that any job that needed to be done, was done, and done well.

As Futuristic Industries Inc. leans into its 50th year of service, we are blessed, and honored that Leslie Wilkinson will forever be a part of our legacy. It is because of Leslie, and those like her, that we are able to continue supporting and serving our community. It is a volunteer’s hard work, countless hours, and passion for helping others that makes Humboldt the very best place to live, work, and play.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Futuristic Industries would like to take this opportunity to announce that over the next 5 years it is committed to honoring those in the Bronco organization who share the very same values that Leslie brought to her work and her community.

Futuristic Industries Inc is proud to present the very first Leslie Wilkinson Volunteer Appreciation Award to Carrie Dutchak

In addition to the award, over the next 5 years each award recipient will receive an honorarium in the amount of $1000.

$500 dollars will be given to the recipient, with the other $500 going to a LOCAL Humboldt and area charity of the award winners choice so that they might inspire others, as Leslie had inspired us.

Congratulations to Carrie Dutchak