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Lottery Push Winding Down

You are now down to hours in the Humboldt Broncos 23rd Lottery of Cash.

The deadline to purchase tickets for your chance at $100,000 is Friday at 5pm.

Board President Jamie Brockman stressed during a recent playoff game the importance of this fundraiser.

“It’s the one that pays the majority of our bills and we need it to be successful. Since I’ve been on the board and this is my 5th year, it was going down and down and down every year and last year we actually stopped it. We got it over a little bit from the year previous.”

Last year Bob and Marilyn Wignes of Watrous were the grand prize winners. Overall there is $120,000 in prizes over 18 draws plus a 50/50 jackpot that was close to $80,000 total last year.

They did make some alterations cutting the early bird portion this year in a way to save administration costs and man power.

“Can we just focus on a six week period rather than a ten week period and just save ourselves a little bit of money and some volunteerism and just really push hard for this one month thing,” he explained.

If you want to purchase, tickets are available by calling 1-844-893-2017, in person at the Humboldt mall office or on this website.

Tickets are $65 each each or you can purchase three for $150.