Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

2021 – 22 HOME OPENER: Saturday, September 25, 2021

Tailgate BBQ:  5:00 – 6:45

Entertainment:  Greg Rider

Greg Rider is a Canadian singer. Born in Ontario now chasing his dreams in Alberta. Rider always knew he was meant to be an entertainer. At 21 years old, a near-death experience changed his perspective. His dreams were no longer constrained by money or his geographic location

Rider picked up his first guitar at age 20 and spent his early adult years performing on the street corners and subway stations in Montreal and bartending in bars. He then moved to the Cayman Islands to bartend at the Margaritaville Resort. Four months later, he bought a one-way ticket to Nashville to gain more experience and traction.

We all remember that day in 2018. It’s a day that will stick with Canadians for the rest of our lives.

Greg grew up in a small hockey town in Ontario called Waterdown and spent 8 years playing for the Flamborough Sabres.

Even though he pivoted to a career in music, Rider still has a strong bond with the hockey community. This is how “Sixteen Sticks” came to be.

16 Sticks was written weeks after the crash happened. He decided not to release it at the time because he felt it was still too early. So, he tucked it away.

Greg released the song in December of 2020 after sharing the song with one of the survivors and receiving his blessing. The song took off and has been streamed over 250 thousand times.

Greg’s music is honest storytelling that is written from his heart. 16 sticks was written for the friends and families who lost someone that day. Even though they are gone, they will always be remembered and those 16 sticks will live forever on ice.

Activities:  Hockey Shoot

Opening Ceremonies ft. Greg Rider and 16 Sticks