Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Broncos wrap up first year involvement in recreation hockey



Prior to the season opening in October, the Broncos took the reins of the recreation hockey program in the city.

The program is aimed at kids looking to be involved in the game with less competition or more financially friendly for families in Humboldt. There was three age groups, six and under; seven to nine; and 10 and over. Kaylee Dust’s son Keegan took part in the program this year. She said he really enjoyed getting out with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) players.

Keegan absolutely loved hockey this year, so much better than years past. He may want to take the leap to minor hockey but one reason he doesn’t want to is because the Broncos won’t be coaching him,” she said.

The players hit the ice at the Elgar Petersen Arena every Sunday night for games controlled by members of the Broncos. Gerald and Connie Tessier had their sons Blake and Adam involved in two different age groups. Connie said both their sons developed throughout the year in large part to the Broncos’ participation.

“Blake was in the first session and Adam was in the last session, they really enjoyed this hockey season. Adam has been in recreation hockey for a few years but this was Blake’s first year and pretty much first time on skates. We saw a huge improvement in Blake’s skating and he really loved it. All the Broncos who participated were great with the kids and Kaleb Dahlgren who ran most of the sessions was awesome. He did such a great job,” Connie said.

The SJHL club will likely continue to overlook the program next season. Assistant coach Mark Cross said being involved with the program was a special portion during a hectic SJHL season.

“It’s so refreshing to see these young kids coming out every week eager to get on the ice. We are trying to teach them the basic skills to play the game, but most of all we want to make it as fun for the kids. No matter what your skill level is, the game of hockey can give kids so many great life lessons,” he said.