Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

2nd Elgar Petersen Cup

On April 23 the 2nd Elgar Petersen Cup Top 40 game will be played to end the Broncos 2017 Spring Camp.  The 1st Cup was played at the 2016 Fall Camp where Head Coach Darcy Haugan first introduced the idea.The Elgar Petersen Cup Top 40 game is meant to showcase the top 40 players from Spring Camp and the Fall Camp has a similar structure. “We are looking forward to a great game full of intensity as main camp invites are on the line,” says Haugan, “I believe that having the Elgar Petersen Cup presented at both the spring and main camp is important in recognizing the greatest Bronco of all time, Elgar Petersen. ”

This time around the Green versus Gold Game will have two celebrity coaches. Voice of the Humboldt Broncos, Clark Stork, and Century 21’s Dan Torwalt. The two coaches have already placed a bet against each other regarding the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. If Stork’s team wins, Torwalt will need to wear a Montreal Canadiens jersey. If Torwalt’s team is victorious, Stork will wear a Boston Bruins Jersey.

The Top 40 Green versus Gold Game will be at the Elgar Petersen Arena with a scheduled 3:00pm puck drop. Admission is free and open to everyone.