Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

!!!!2023 Lottery of Cash Winners!!!!

Congratulations to our 2023 Lottery of Cash Winners

$100,000 GRAND PRIZE

Melvin Boscher – Saskatoon, SK

Ticket Number HB1-100391 (Purchased Online)

50/50 Winner – $53,112.50

Monica Lipinski – Fosston, SK

Ticket Number 50C-509866 (Phone Order)

$5000 Prizes

Nels Dale – Englefeld, SK

Ticket Number HB1-100986 (Purchased Online)

Beverly Schreiner – Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number HB5-102122  (Phone Order)

Mel Ouellette – Delisle, SK

Ticket Number  HB1-103747 (Phone Order)

$2500 Prizes

Michelle Dreher & Karley Bartel – Drake, SK

Ticket Number  HB5-104423 (Phone Order)

Bea Jensen – Corman Park, SK

Ticket Number  HB5-100621 (Phone Order)

Debbie Huber – Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number  HB5-100230 (Purchased Online)

Velma Leier – Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number HB5-102541 (Phone Order)

$1000 Prizes

Chris Lawrence – Melfort, SK

Ticket Number HB5-100401 (Purchased Online)

Wendy Ries – Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number HB1-102370 (Phone Order)

Blair Hodgson – Naicam, SK

Ticket Number HB5-102132 (Purchased Online)

Mark Pfeifer – Martensville, SK

Ticket Number HB5-100746 (Purchased Online)

Murray Germaine – Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number HB5-102571 (Phone Order)

Greg Pylatuke – Quill Lake, SK

Ticket Number HB5-103091 (Phone Order)

Robert Turner – Biggar, SK

Ticket Number HB5-100239 (Phone Order)

Early Bird $10,000

Norman Mattock -Humboldt, SK

Ticket Number HB5-100339 (Purchased Online)



Thank you to everyone for the support.