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One of the many important components that make up a successful hockey club is the Billets.  These people open their homes to the young athletes, giving them a stable and secure home away from home.  There are many long lasting friendships that develop between players and their billet families.  Athletes who play for the Humboldt Broncos Junior A Hockey Club stay in billets homes during the regular hockey season, which runs from late August to the end of February, after which playoffs could extend into May.


Our coaching staff works hard at identifying young men with not only hockey talent, but strong moral and ethical values as well.  For the most part, our players are good people and you should expect the players to be respectful and helpful in your presence and in your home.


During the day the players are kept busy with practices and conditioning in the morning.  Afternoons can consist of work, school and involvement in the community.  Evenings are spent playing hockey, doing homework, or just enjoying some quite time alone, with their billet families or friends and teammates.

When a player arrives at your home, it is important that they know your house rules.  Clearly define your expectations and ask the player for his expectations of you and your home.

The Billet Coordinators along with the coaching staff try to make the best fit with a family as possible (i.e. kids, pets, allergies, etc.).  It’s a good idea to touch base with the player’s parents and establish a relationship with them to gain an understanding of what is expected of their son.

IMPORTANT:  The key to a successful billeting experience is GOOD COMMUNICATION.  This means with all parties involved; Billets, Players, Parents, Billet Coordinator and Coaches.  If problems arise, they should be addressed immediately.  Your first contact should be the Billet Coordinator(s).  The Billet Coordinator will try to resolve the issue quickly and may get the coaches involved if need be.  Please respect this ‘Chain Of Command’ as our coaching staff is usually very busy throughout the year.

Please feel free to contact the billet coordinator should you have any questions.


  • Billets receive $330 per month
  • Payments will be made on the 15th and last day of the month
  • Your player will bring home your cheque, unless otherwise stated
  • You will receive one season ticket per player
  • Payment will be made through the Christmas break
  • Final payment will be made 2 days following the year end banquet
  • Injuries:  if a player is hospitalized, out of town, or sent home due to an injury, payment s will cease until they return


  • Respect the Billet and their generosity
  • It is not a right to live at a Billet’s home, it is a privilege
  • Your Billet’s belongings should always be treated with the utmost care
  • Supply your own personal hygiene products (i.e. toothpaste, shampoo, etc)
  • Respect and adhere to the rules of the house
  • Notify your Billets in advance if you will not be home for meals
  • Inform your Billet of practice or game changes
  • Players must let Billets know where they are going and when they are returning (in case of emergency)


  • Provide a clean, family atmosphere for the player
  • Provide nutritious food for the player.  You are not expected to cook all the meals for the player, but you are expected to have the food available so they can make meals for themselves
  • Coaching staff and or senior players may be checking curfews.  Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Respect the player.  They will be experiencing all kinds of different emotions while being away from home.  For some of these young adults, this will be there first time away from home.  The players need their own ‘space’; however they also require reinforcement, trust and encouragement from their Billets.  The rule of thumb is to provide the same kind of care and attention that you would extend to a member of your own family


  • Players have curfew of 11:00 pm regular nights; 10:00 pm game nights
  • Curfews are subject to change through out the year as the Coaching staff sees fit
  • The player must communicate any changes of curfew to the Billet.  Please adhere to this rule as any lack of communication will result in unnecessary confusion
  • Billets are not required to report any instances a player breaks curfew, but we strongly urge them to discuss any issues they have with the Billet Coordinators
  • Billets will not cover for a player for a curfew call


Some things that should be discussed and agreed upon with your player(s)

  • The use and care of appliances
  • The upkeep and cleanliness of all rooms in your house, including bathrooms
  • Any areas of your house that are out of bounds (i.e. home office, liquor storage)
  • Rules and usage of computer and internet
  • Your fridge and food rules should be clearly defined.  Ask your player for any food preferences and allergies to establish suitable eating arrangements
  • You are not expected to provide ‘junk food’
  • Cooking for your player is appreciated, but is sometimes not possible.  Please ensure suitable food is on hand for players to prepare their own meals when required.  It is important to understand your players level of cooking skills to ensure they are able to prepare nutritious food for themselves when required
  • Establish phone rules and consideration for phone times.  Players are responsible for the cost of their long distance calls
  • Billets are not expected to wait up for players
  • Players are not to be uses as childcare providers.  Any arrangements made in this area should be clearly discussed with the players and mutually agreeable.  Players are not ‘Built In Babysitters’
  • Do not lend money to your player.  If you do it is at your own risk
  • Players do most of their own laundry.  The Billets willingness to help out with small loads is much appreciated
  • Duties and household chores you expect your billet to perform should be clearly defined and within reason.  The players are expected to help out with household chores and are expected to keep their living areas clean (bedroom, bathroom, etc.)

Each household operates differently and hopefully mutually agreeable arrangements can be made.  The most important thing is to keep the line of communication open.  Should problems arise, or situations that make you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to contact the Billet Coordinator(s).

We would like to thank you for opening up your homes for the players.  The Humboldt Broncos appreciate your support.  We hope you find this to be a very rewarding experience.

Please feel free to contact the Humboldt Broncos Office should you have any questions.